Effective Classroom Environment

Classroom still play a critical role in our school education. Although the concept of classroom, where students and teacher meet and interact, is expanding. It is important to know the characteristics of an effective classroom learning environment.

  1. it is open to questions.
  2. it embraces all learning opportunities.
  3. it does not expect all students learn the same.
  4. it has structure that works with routine and procedure, also organized and functional physical layout.
  5. it has expectations, i.e. learning goals.
  6. it is adaptive, adjusts when needs come.
  7. it is positive because of the care.
  8. it is active in thinking and doing.

Now the question is how to build an effective classroom learning environment.

  1. build bonds between students and the teacher, which requires trust and responsibility.
  2. encourage peer to peer interactions, social learning
  3. match learning goals with students’ learning skills, seal the gaps
  4. clear instruction following designated activities.

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